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Caer Connet

As a visual artist and creative writer, I enjoy dual pursuits. The narrative imagery inspired by creative writing is present in my compositions. There is a story behind every image. As with human life, every layer of experience builds upon and responds to the complexities of the previous layer. The lustrous surface buildup of paint is evidence of the flow of emerging stories. I have always been drawn to Beauty in all forms and mediums. When I was two, I clearly remember cutting off a handful of hair from the crown of my head, shaping the shiny brown locks into a tiny nest, and carefully placing my work of art in a bush to attract a bird. I imagined the little bird finding my nest and laying two tiny eggs in my hair. So it continues. I see Beauty everywhere. I adore the Creator’s creativity, and I love the act of co-creation. From a deep well of silence, the brush or pen moves, and I watch in fascination as color or words emerge on the paper. Both painting and writing begin in the heart and flow out through the fingers. In my works, I feel that whole worlds are contained. I invite you to enter the portal.

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