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Joanie McGinnis

Large, sweeping brushstrokes and vibrant colors splashed across the canvas place Joanie’s current works squarely in the Abstract Expressionist tradition.  She refers to her current series as “Jazz Impressions”.  Her inspiration for the works come, in part, from listening to the sounds of improvisational jazz greats like Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck and others.


Growing up in her native Indiana, it was Joanie’s mother who encouraged her from an early age to pursue her art. Throughout her high school, university years, and adulthood she has continued to study with many teachers.  In high school she experimented with batik, jewelry making, watercolor, & print making. In her twenties and thirties she painted landscapes and florals using watercolors with various teachers, starting with University of California at Berkeley instructors at Diablo Valley Community College, Patricia Wilkinson at Indian Hills Community College, Rose Edin, a Signature Member of the American and National Watercolor Societies in weeklong watercolor workshops, Terrence Kennedy of Laguna Beach CA who studied fine art at Laguna School of Art and Design, and Bill Teeple a graduate of UC Berkeley Art School and who has been teaching in Fairfield, Iowa for the last 20 years.


As Joanie’s watercolor works matured, they became increasingly abstract. There came a time when Joanie realized that she enjoyed the freedom that came from painting non-representational images.  Influenced by on ... view more »

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